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About Reiki by Helen - Johannesburg Reiki Treatments and Teaching

I am an internationally qualified Karuna Reiki® Master, registered with The International Center for Reiki Training, an internationally qualified Lightarian Reiki™ Master, registered with the Lightarian Institute and an independent Usui Reiki Master, Reiki practitioner and Reiki teacher, providing holistic treatments and Reiki tuition. I underwent my Usui and Karuna training with the Jeanine Sacks Reiki School and my Lightarian training with Vivienne Kueck, the Lightarian Licensee in South Africa. I have also undergone the FAMSA (Family Life Centre) Basic Counselling course. I have completed a 1 ½ year Shaman course with Lionel Berman and various channelling and connecting to guides courses, with Carol De Vasconcelos. My objective is to never stop learning about Universal Energy and its wonderful benefits and to never stop sharing my knowledge with others.

The benefits of Reiki healing are limitless. Reiki treatments have been shown to lower blood pressure, reduce stress levels, calm the mind and lead to more restful sleep. The healing energy that is transmitted throughout the body helps bring energies back into alignment.

I believe that in order to heal, one needs to be treated holistically, so in addition to a Reiki healing treatment, I provide counselling, a personalised list of suggested crystals to assist with the healing process and a healthy eating guide, specifically for each blood type.

With many people turning to alternative medicine, Reiki healing has been growing in popularity over the last few years. People are becoming increasingly aware of the responsibility they hold, regarding their physical and mental health and are starting to take ownership. Since Reiki has a proven track record of helping people heal without any negative side effects, it has become an attractive alternative to medicating oneself.

Having experienced the wonders of Reiki, my mission is to impart my knowledge and training to others, so that they may in turn discover the beautiful, pure energy that is Reiki.

I offer Reiki treatments, Reiki courses  and chakra and aura balancing and meditations.

The Chakras are the energy centres within the body and by learning about them, you will open a panorama of wisdom, understanding why you respond and react to life’s experiences, the way you do.· You will learn all about self-healing.

I offer the following courses:

Reiki Level 1, where you learn to treat yourself, Reiki Level 2 and Advanced, where you learn to treat others and become a practitioner, Reiki Level 3 - Masters, where you learn to pass on your Reiki knowledge to others.

Karuna Reiki, Lightarian Reiki and a Chakra Balancing and Healing course.

One of the 5 Reiki principles is "be kind to every living creature" - I live this and have been a vegetarian for 28 years.

I invite you to discover the wonders of the natural healing energy of Reiki and the opening of the door to the powers of the Chakras, enabling you to discover and heal yourself.

Please contact me directly on 0828963534 / or visit my “Treatments” and “Courses” pages to make a booking.

"The feeling during the Reiki treatment was one of deep relaxation and inner calm, and afterwards a feeling of being much more centred and quiet. I found the treatment extremely beneficial." - Ana Forssman

"It was my first Reiki experience. Being very stressed at the time, I felt very relaxed and a calmness after the session. There is a lovely ambience. Helen is very good and explains the procedure / technique before and after the session. I will certainly go back." - Carol Young