• Chakras & Auras

    Life is energy and the chakras manage this energy

What are Chakras & Auras?

Life is energy and the chakras are about energy. The universal life force circulates through us and the chakras are the conduits through which the universal energy flows.  The ease with which energy can flow back and forth between you and the universe, is in direct correlation to the total health and well-being that you experience.

The aura, which is connected to the activity of the Chakras, reflects the individual state of consciousness and is a map of the thoughts and feelings surrounding a person. Your aura is your energetic boundary of your personal territory.

What are Chakras?

Each of the seven major chakras offers a different perspective on life. Picture the spine as an elevator shaft and the chakras as the various floors from which we can experience life.  When you rise from one floor of consciousness to another, your perspective grows. When the chakras are spinning effectively, they bring balanced functioning to the mind and body, a free-flowing of energy and harmony between consciousness and sub-consciousness.

When a chakra is either too closed or too open, it becomes dysfunctional.  Our thoughts and attitudes can block energy flowing through the chakras, initially resulting in emotional imbalance and eventually, as a physical disorder.

What are Auras?

Everything with life has an aura. The aura is the energy equivalent of the physical body.  Our thoughts determine our auric vibration and that in turn, determines what and who we attract into our lives.  Positive, loving and optimistic thoughts create a higher vibration – fearful, negative and pessimistic thoughts create a lower vibration.

In order to generate and maintain a high vibration, we need to learn to stay grounded, to start changing our thought and belief patterns and to protect our auras.

Learn how to ground yourself, how to define, cleanse and protect your aura, and how to channel your thoughts in a more positive direction.

Book a meditation or chakra and aura cleansing and begin your journey of healing.

What are Auras?