• Crystal Energy Healing Course

    Duration:  3 classes, one a week

    For thousands of years, people all over the world have attributed mystical powers to crystals. They have used them to foretell the future, cure ailments and protect themselves from harm. Crystals can harness and generate powers, some of which are still beyond so-called rational explanation.

    Quartz crystals are part of the earth’s core, which is also linked to our planet’s electromagnetic field – without which life would be impossible. Crystals are more connected to us than we realize. Humanity has a special resonance with crystals, making them excellent healing tools.

    Where there is imbalance, there is opportunity, and it is at these times that crystals are most effective. Crystals take us from contraction to expansion and they resonate with our crystalline makeup, so that we can shine again. Crystals enable us to pervade the physical and energetic structures of our minds and our bodies and in so doing, enable us to re-program old patterns that we have inherited and that take us away from our authentic selves.

    The crystal energy healing course covers the following:

    • The formation and different forms of crystals
    • What is crystal healing and how do crystals heal
    • Choosing and caring for your crystals
    • How to use your crystals for healing
    • Crystals and the chakras
    • Chakra balancing using a pendulum and crystals
    • Crystals and their healing properties
    • Meditations using crystals

    Additional Info:

    • Classes are held during the day, evenings and weekends
    • You will receive a file, course notes and a certificate on successful completion of the course
    • One free catch-up class per course, thereafter there will be a charge for catch-up classes
    • Refunds are not possible once the course has started

    Crystal Energy Healing Course Dates

    To enquire or book, please contact Helen on 082 896 3534 or email helen@reikijohannesburg.co.za