• Workshop - Discovering the Aura

    Duration:  3 classes, one a week

    When we think of our bodies, we often stop at the surface of our skin. But, there is so much more to us than the physical — it’s called the aura and it is the energy field surrounding our physical bodies, like our own personal rainbow .The aura can tell us a lot about how we are feeling, and what we are experiencing.

    Come and have fun, while learning about and discovering the aura, this field of light or energy, surrounding all physical matter.  The aura is the place where all emotions, thoughts, memories and behaviour patterns are located and we use our aura as our sensing device.

    Learn how the aura functions and manages the energy that sustains our lives.

    What will be covered:-

    How the chakra system and the aura work together
    Learning techniques to start discovering the aura
    Exercises to develop the eye muscles in order to pick up auras
    Complete the questionnaire to determine what your primary aura colours are
    The meaning of the aura colours
    Complete the questionnaire to determine whether you might be an empath
    Learn protection, cleansing and healing methods
    Learn to do an aura reading using your intuition, a pendulum or dowsing rods
    End the workshop with a beautiful Gold Sun Healing

    Classes are held during the day, evenings and weekends.  You will receive a file, course notes and a certificate on successful completion of the workshop.  One free catch-up class per workshop, thereafter there will be a charge for catch-up classes.

    PLEASE NOTE:  Refunds are not possible once the workshop has started.