• Workshop - Manifest your Goals

    Duration:  3 classes, one a week

    A workshop where you will learn about energy vibrations, how our thoughts determine our happiness, how they can close our heart and how they can allow joyful love in.  You will learn about the Law of Attraction and how to manifest your goals.  You will learn that the purpose of life is to be happy and you will understand what is preventing this happiness.  You will receive guidelines with regards to releasing your resistance.


    We will start at the very beginning, understanding the importance of being grounded, we will move on to the energy body, the aura and the chakras. We will cover the negative effect that negative thoughts have on our energy system. We will learn to use a pendulum to determine out of balance chakras.  We will cover the Four Agreements that show us the way to peace and joy.

    The Manifest your Goals Workshop covers the following:

    • Grounding
    • The energy body
    • The aura
    • The Map of Consciousness
    • The chakras
    • Working with a pendulum
    • The Law of Attraction
    • The Four Agreements

    Classes are held during the day, evenings and weekends.  You will receive a file, course notes and a certificate on successful completion of the workshop.  One free catch-up class per workshop, thereafter there will be a charge for catch-up classes.
    PLEASE NOTE:  Refunds are not possible once the workshop has started.