Helen Watson

About Helen

Hello, I am Helen Watson. My Reiki journey began in 2012, when I qualified as an Usui Reiki Master, and it continues today as I believe one should continue to enrich one’s mind with new knowledge all the time.

With many people turning to alternative healing methods, gentle and powerful Reiki healing has been growing in popularity, as people experience the amazing cleansing and balancing benefits of this wonderful modailty. I believe that in order to heal, a holistic approach is necessary, so in addition to a Reiki healing treatment and chakra and aura cleansing, I provide counselling, explaining in detail how our thoughts determine our energy vibration and the physical and emotional health of our life.

I am a qualified Karuna Reiki® Master and Lightarian Reiki™ Master. I am a member of The Reiki Guild of South Africa.  Over the years I have completed additional courses that I believe have enhanced my healing and counselling abilities – FAMSA (Family Life Centre) Basic Counselling course, a 1 ½ year Shaman course, Basic and Advanced Tarot card reading courses. I am a certified Coach and NLP practitioner. I teach all levels of Reiki, I run a crystal and a chakra course and a motivational workshop.  I provide Reiki treatments, chakra and aura balancing, meditations, tarot card readings and counselling.  I have been running my healing practice for eleven years.

My aim is to follow a healthy, holistic lifestyle and I am a vegan.  My objective is to never stop learning about Universal Energy and its wonderful benefits and to continue sharing my knowledge with others.  I love what I do and feel blessed to be in a position of service to others.

The Healing Process

The healing treatment is carried out in a peaceful and safe environment.  No prior knowledge of Reiki or special preparation is required, in order to receive a healing.  Reiki is a band of high-vibration energy, coming from source, which is channelled through the healer, into the recipient’s energy body, removing negative energy that has collected within and around the chakras (energy centres), leaving them balanced and aligned.  It is a safe, gentle and deeply relaxing treatment.  The healing hands are placed above each of the chakras in turn and is a completely non-invasive process.

Prior to your healing, your chakras will be checked to determine which might be out of alignment and these will be discussed with you.  After the healing you will have the opportunity to discuss your experience and to raise any questions you might have.