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Reiki Courses by Reiki Johannesburg

  • Usui Reiki Level 1

    Duration:  6 classes, one a week

    The inner focus of Level 1 is about learning to become a clear channel for Reiki, enabling you to heal and balance yourself, family, friends and animals. It is about learning to let go and let the energy flow.

    This is your window into the wonderful world of Reiki, and your first step towards becoming a channel for Reiki healing.

    No prior knowledge or experience is required, just a desire for personal growth and learning.

  • Usui Reiki Level 2 and Advanced Level

    Duration:  5 classes, one a week

    Reiki Level 2 and Advanced Level is available to students who have completed Level 1 training.

    In Level 2 the student receives the second, higher level attunement, deepening the level of the energy flow.

    The student is provided with the 3 symbols and their meanings, enabling them to ‘set’ intentions and to broaden the scope of their healing

    One of the most exciting techniques passed on in Level 2, is that of distant healing. Any person, animal or object can receive the benefits of Reiki from a distance.

    With Advanced Level the student receives the third attunement and the Advanced Reiki symbol – further expanding their channeling abilities.

    Completing Reiki 2 and Advanced, enables you to become a Reiki practitioner

  • Usui Master Level

    Duration:  6 classes, one a week

    The final level is available to students who have successfully completed levels 1 and 2 and who wish to become teachers and to expand their healing abilities.

    Prior to taking the Master Level, the student must have been practicing Reiki on a regular basis and be totally familiar with the techniques taught in Level1, Level 2 and Advanced Level.  They must be committed to the Reiki journey.

  • Karuna Reiki® Course

    Duration:  5 classes, one a week

    This course is available to those who have successfully completed Usui Reiki Masters.  Karuna translates as any action that is taken to diminish the suffering of others.

    As you develop Karuna in yourself, not only are you helping others, but you also become more receptive to the Karuna that is being sent by all enlightened beings.

    Karuna Reiki® enables you to work more closely with all enlightened beings, who are always there to guide us on our learning path.

  • Lightarian™ Reiki Course

    Duration:  4 classes, one a month

    Lightarian™ Reiki offers the most powerful, high vibrational Reiki healing energies available.

    The use of the word Lightarian is a way of describing an individual who learns about and masters the use of etheric light energies for the purpose of expanding awareness and enhancing spiritual evolution.

    Lightarian™ Reiki has been made available to us, in order to accelerate the healing process, focusing on expanding one’s abilities as a Reiki teacher/practitioner, enabling one to channel healing energies of a higher vibrational frequency.

    The Lightarian™ Reiki course is available to those who have completed Usui Reiki Masters and Karuna Reiki®.

  • Chakra Balancing and Healing Course

    Duration:  8 classes, one a week

    The chakras are a map of your inner world – your relationship with yourself and how you feel and experience energy. Life is energy. The same force that flows through all of life, flows through you. This is the breath, the prana, the chi (Qi) of life.

    You will embark on a journey of self-discovery that will lead to self-healing and a more balanced perspective of life. You will understand why you behave and respond to situations as you do, why others respond as they do and you will become better equipped to deal with life’s challenges. You will develop and grow emotionally and spiritually.

  • Crystal Energy Healing Course

    Duration:  3 classes, one a week

    For thousands of years, people all over the world have attributed mystical powers to crystals.  They have used them to foretell the future, cure ailments and protect themselves from harm.  Crystals can harness and generate powers, some of which are still beyond so-called rational explanation.

    Quartz crystals are part of the earth’s core, which is also linked to our planet’s electromagnetic field – without which life would be impossible.   Crystals are more connected to us than we realize.  Humanity has a special resonance with crystals, making them excellent healing tools.