• Lightarian™ Reiki Course

    Duration:  4 classes, one a month

    Lightarian™ Reiki offers the most powerful, high vibrational Reiki healing energies available.

    The use of the word Lightarian is a way of describing an individual who learns about and masters the use of etheric light energies for the purpose of expanding awareness and enhancing spiritual evolution.

    Lightarian™ Reiki has been made available to us, in order to accelerate the healing process, focusing on expanding one’s abilities as a Reiki teacher/practitioner, enabling one to channel healing energies of a higher vibrational frequency.

    The Lightarian™ Reiki course is available to those who have completed Usui Reiki Masters and Karuna Reiki®.

    Lightarian™ Reiki Course Overview:

    • The principles of Lightarian™ Reiki are taught. The first attunement is delivered, preparing you to receive the next three attunements, each at a higher vibrational level.
    • Lightarian™ Reiki level I and II – your first attunement introducing you to Ascended Master Buddha
    • Lightarian™ Reiki level III – your second attunement introducing you to Gaia, Mother Earth
    • Lightarian™ Reiki level IV – your third attunement introducing you to the Godhead
    • Lightarian™ Reiki level V and VI – your fourth attunement introducing you to Ascended Master Sananda

    Lightarian™ Reiki® Course Dates

    To enquire or book, please contact Helen on 082 896 3534 or email helen@reikijohannesburg.co.za