Everything begins in your consciousness. 

Everything that happens in your life, and everything that happens in your body, begins with something happening in your own consciousness.  As you are presented with conditions in your life, you choose to respond in a particular way.  You make decisions.  You decide what to feel, what to think, what to do.  Or you decide, not to decide.  That too, is a decision that you take.

When you respond to conditions optimally, you remain in balance.  When you respond in a way that results in anxiety or physical symptoms, it means that something is not working for you – something is out of balance.

The natural state of your consciousness is balance.  Healing is a return to your natural state of balance and wholeness.  In our society, we have been taught to follow the belief that the cause of illness or injury is outside of ourselves.  But these things only happen when the conditions in your consciousness permit it.

If you continue to look outside yourself for reasons and for cures, you will not see that the reasons come from within.  You will see yourself as a victim and the conditions in your life will not change.

When healing is needed, the parts of our body that do not work well, reflect the parts of our life that do not work well, that is, the parts of our life about which there is stress and tension in our consciousness.  The stress in our consciousness related to a particular part of our life, is stored as tension on the physical level, in a particular part of our body.  Thus, the body can be seen as a map of the consciousness.  The healing process involves releasing the tensions, not only from the body, but also from the consciousness, returning to our natural state of balance.

Taking responsibility for one’s life, means we are taking control. We are not blaming others or giving them our power.  We are in charge.  Then we can start making changes.  Look inward and recognise where you might need to make some changes within yourself.  Forgive yourself for any mistakes.  Turn away from negative thinking. 

With regards to destiny – what we think, we become, what we think and how we feel about ourselves and our life, creates our future, so it is VERY important what we invest our thoughts on.

Every aspect of our life is created by the choices we have made.  So develop a deep sense of self-awareness and learn to master both mind and emotions.  Let go of limiting beliefs.  Recognise your power to manifest.

The only limitations are the ones we place on ourselves – the power our minds can access, is limitless.

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