What Happens When We Die
What Happens When We Die

What Happens When We Die

This blog will be of particular interest to those interested in or curious about reincarnation

Elders are wise counsellors on the other side who have already lived their lives and now spend their time advising our souls about the choices we are making.   Angels also help to guide us.  They too are wise beings but have never lived on the earth plane.  We also have spirit guides, souls who have been assigned to us to keep us on our path and to help us accomplish the things we set out to do in this lifetime.  Unlike the Elders, spirit guides may or may not be finished with their own soul’s development; they aren’t necessarily all-wise like the Elders and the angels.  You might have the same guides throughout your life, or your guides might change during your life’s major transitions.

The Soul

When someone is going through the death process or an illness, and the soul is out of the body, the body experiences very little pain, but when the soul returns to the physical body, the pain is intensified.   The body is stimulated with energy when the soul is in.

The soul looks like the physical body, but younger and less stressed and is transparent.  Souls appear in clothing.  The soul is attached to the body by a silver cord and is severed at the time of death.

The soul is our personality and it lives on after death.  We have the same soul in every lifetime and it continues to grow in awareness, wisdom, knowledge and consciousness.

Animals have souls and you will see your pets again.

Before we incarnate, the Elders draw up a blueprint of the next life.  If you are an older soul, you may have helped in the planning process.  Your astrological chart includes ‘exit points’ or times in your life when your soul could leave and go back home if it felt it had accomplished all it needed to do.

Physical Death

One to three months prior to death – the person may begin to withdraw, they may decline visits from friends, or even if they do meet, they may be difficult to interact with.  They may experience reduced appetite, weight loss, they may sleep more.  They are neither hungry nor thirsty and are not suffering in any way by not eating

One to two weeks prior to death – this is the part of the journey when the person sleeps most of the time.  They may experience delusions.

A few days or hours prior to death – there is often a surge of energy and they want to get out of bed to speak to loved ones or suddenly want to eat.  The surge is usually short, breathing then becomes slower and irregular, hands and feet may become blotchy, lips and nails bluish.

Note: if a dying person appears to be hallucinating, they are not, they would be talking to a deceased family member, either in the room with them or they are seeing them on the other side.

It is also not necessary to be with the dying person and to feel that you have to be holding their hand as the soul is working hard to detach itself from the physical body.  If you sense any discomfort from the dying person, release their hand and just sit by their side.  See if you can sense any other souls or angels in the room, ask for guidance from God.  The angels will also be in the room to comfort the loved ones and only leave when everything is calm.  No one ever dies alone.  There are always spirits to assist the soul on the journey home.

 Getting Death out in the Open and Celebrating Life

Many people believe that once we get to heaven all will be forgiven and we will be happy all the time, but this isn’t the case.  We bring emotional baggage with us when we go back home.  That’s why it is important to clean up as much baggage from our current life, as possible.

By taking the time to listen sincerely to the stories of a dying person, you are giving them a great gift.  When a person is dying, they are in an intense process of wrapping things up from this lifetime.  The more they can release their emotional pain, the easier their transition will be.  If they can let go of bitterness and regret and arrive home with a clean slate, they will live a more beautiful existence on the other side.

Exit Points

Our astrological charts include exit points.  These are times when our soul can choose to be done with this lifetime.  Following are signs of being at an exit point:

  • You feel as though you are dying
  • You have death dreams
  • You feel a nudge to get your affairs in order
  • You sleep more than usual
  • You feel a desire to get rid of material belongings

These exit points can be found in our astrological charts, but not all astrologers understand them or know how to find them.

 What is the Soul Doing While the Body is Shutting Down?

The soul does many things at night while the body sleeps.  It communicates with spirit guides and visits loved ones who live far away.   The soul also visits with deceased loved ones and goes to its favourite places in the world.

An older soul can inhabit a young body.  An example, a very old soul had chosen an exit at twelve years old – the young boy had tried skiing a black route even though only learning to ski.  The old soul had chosen to return home and the soul may subconsciously do something to facilitate death.

Messages come through from souls in dreams and one can tell the difference between a soul communication and a regular dream – soul dreams feel very real and stay with you throughout the following day.

Souls regularly go back and forth between heaven and earth, which helps in the letting-go process.

What is taking them so long to die? 

The dying process is intense for the body and the soul and people in the dying process must be allowed all the time they need. We need to trust in the wisdom of the universe regarding the timing. Some people feel that they should do a round-the-clock bedside vigil until their loved one dies, but it’s actually okay with the soul if people are not there at the time of death.  In many cases it is easier for the soul to leave when there aren’t people there.  The dying person knows you love them whether you are sitting at their bedside or at home sending loving thoughts.

What Does it Feel Like to Die?

If our soul has unresolved emotions from a bad experience in a past life, those feelings will continue to affect us until we heal them.  Many people fear a painful death.  If an accident is going to occur that will bring the body pain, most souls leave before the impact.  Many are afraid of dying alone.  No one ever dies alone.  You will be surrounded by deceased loved ones, waiting to take you home.  When the body dies, the soul feels so much lighter.  The soul leaves the body almost every night of our life and when we are ready to accept death, our soul floats out of the body for the last time.


People commit suicide as a last-ditch attempt to end the physical, mental and emotional pain they’re in.  Unfortunately, the emotional and mental pain is in the soul as well, so the pain is taken with them to the other side.  The pain in our souls is an accumulation of unresolved issues from previous lives, all waiting to be addressed.  The more issues we address in each life, the better and easier it will make the next life.  Suicide victims are not ‘kept out’ of heaven.  God welcomes all of us home whenever and however we die.  Some people who have committed suicide have a “suicide aura”, the energy of unfinished business and sadness.  For those suffering from depression, be cautioned about taking your life to end the pain, because the feeling of hopelessness is in your soul and the chances are that you came into this lifetime to heal.

When Children Die

Sometimes the children we lose come back to us at a later birth, a few years later.   They might feel that the first body they were born into wasn’t strong enough, there could be other reasons as well, timing could be wrong the first time.

The White Light, the Tunnel and Heaven

The Other Side – heaven is full of communities, each reflecting a different reality.  The reality we live by on earth, the consciousness we hold, will determine where we go in heaven.  All souls continually move on to different realities, always searching for a better way.  People need to evolve in their beliefs in heaven, just as they must on earth.  Each soul needs to learn and grow toward understanding its oneness with God.  In heaven, each community has a classroom and an instructor who teaches the reality of that group.  As souls advance, there is no longer a need for some communities and they will no longer exist.

In Between Lifetimes – The Elders recommend that each soul spend a minimum of sixty years on the other side before reincarnating into a new life, in order to heal issues from its previous incarnation.  If one reincarnates too quickly before issues have been resolved, they are taken into the next life.  Also, if incarnation is too soon, the person can feel confused about their life.  Sixty years might sound like a long time but there are no clocks, calendars or awareness of time on the other side.  About a year’s worth of planning goes into writing up the blueprint for the new life and then choosing the family that will best help the soul accomplish its goals.

Hell and Middle Heaven – there is a community in heaven that resembles hell, but not created by God.  God would never create or send anyone to such a place.  It was created by people’s consciousness.  It has been created from religious beliefs of what hell is supposed to be like, and because some people go through life believing that they are going to hell, they perpetuate the existence of this place in heaven.  If you do find yourself in this community when you die, it is because you believe that it is where you are supposed to go.  When we have all raised our consciousness enough, there will be no such place.

After Death Communication

We can leave messages for our loved ones.  There will be somebody on the other side taking down our messages.  Our deceased loved ones will pick up the messages.  To leave a message for someone, say your name, the person’s name and the message you wish to leave for them.

Do our deceased loved ones try and contact us? –

Without a medium, the easiest way for a deceased loved one to talk to us is via what seems like a dream but is a soul visitation.  If you wake up in the morning feeling as though a dream was real, and the dream stays with you, this is a sign that you have been visited.

 Our accomplishments on earth, build our home in heaven and all that we’ve built here, continues over there.

Credit:  Echo Bodine